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Named "Leader & Innovator" in the Pallet Enterprise Magazine!

Hogeye Pallet runs a fully-automated, state-of-the-art pallet production facility located in Northwest Arkansas allowing us to cover customers in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, and Louisiana. Our management and production team share over 90 years of experience producing high-quality pallets and providing warehousing and shipping solutions to fit each customer’s specific needs with cost-effective materials and design. Hogeye Pallet also offers a range of other industrial products including food-grade, 55 gallon, metal, and plastic barrels and Gaylord boxes. Delivery available and drop trailers available for our high-volume customers. Please call us at 479-445-6674 today for a free quote!


 *     48X40 4-way pallets
*     Stringer pallets
*     Block pallets
*     Custom pallets
*     Lightweight & heavy duty options available to fit your specific nee

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55-gallon Metal Barrels

*     Metal open-top
*     Metal with removable lid & ring
*     Great for industrial applications, burn barrels, shipping, and more!

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55-gallon Plastic Barrels

*     Closed-top with bungs
*     Removable lid & ring
*     Great for material storage, parts, scrap, shipping, and more!

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Gaylord Boxes

*     Heavy Duty
*     We buy & sell
*     Great for recycling & manufacturing applications

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