Meet our team!

The HOGBOX Team is here to assist with all your dumpster, storage container, and trailer needs. Whether it is a warehouse member, one of our drivers, or an amazing member of the office team, we strive to provide the highest customer service and get the job done!

Here at HOGBOX, every member has a specific job with the end goal of meeting your needs. Call us today at (479) 445-6611 so that we can serve you!

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Earl Farrell

Earl Farrell is the founder of HOGBOX, Co-owner, and serves as the CEO. Earl is a true visionary and applies that to his work at HOGBOX by securing products, materials, and equipment that continues to position HOGBOX as an Industry leader. He enjoys jogging and biking in his free time, he is self-motivated and super focused. Earl is driven every day to move the success needle both personally and professionally, he uses that drive and ability to focus to inspire those around him to do the same. You'll find Earl every day working out at Fayetteville Athletic Club or jogging Fayetteville's trail system. His focus the last couple of years has been to do muscle-ups and walking on his hands!

Lori Devecsery


Lori Devecsery has been with the company for over 21 years. She is Co-owner and currently serves as company President. She uses her skills with interpersonal communication to work with the HOGBOX team to help everyone reach their goals. Her competitive nature and drive for success have helped move herself and the company forward in more ways than one. Lori enjoys gardening, spending time with her three boys, and traveling every chance she gets! The funny, witty, and very determined Lori brings her all to HOGBOX every day. When asked why she loves working at HOGBOX her response was, "I love working at HOGBOX because I've helped grow it from the ground floor. I love that we offer useful products and services and that we pride ourselves on our stellar level of service!"

Becky Peterson

Chief Financial Officer

Becky Peterson has been an employee of HOGBOX for 7 years. She started working at HOGBOX in our Accounting Department and currently is a jack of all trades. Becky has a business degree from Indian Capital Vo-tech. When Becky is not at work, she loves spending time with her 3 kids. She spends a lot of time going to her youngest’s extracurricular activities, but she does enjoy having ‘her’ time hanging out with friends, crocheting, and crafting. Becky is very structured, loyal, and caring. When asked why she loves working at HOGBOX, Becky said, "It is a laid-back atmosphere and I work with an amazing team!"

Brandi Jo Beers


Brandi Jo Beers joined the Accounting team at HOGBOX a year ago. She has six-plus years of accounting and human resources experience. She is married to a wonderful man and has 5 beautiful children. In her spare time, she loves spending time with family, friends, and her animals. She loves going camping, fishing, and her kids’ extracurricular activities. Brandi is dedicated and ambitious in everything she does and her goofy personality is a joy to have around and work with. When asked why she loves working at HOGBOX? Brandi said, “The people I get to work with are amazing!”

Fredi Vizueth

Shop and Fleet Manager

Fredi Vizueth has been with HOGBOX for 15 years and is currently the shop manager. His determination, persistence, and family are what drives him to work hard and keep moving forward. He is a very resourceful problem solver who has proven himself reliable day after day. Fredi enjoys time with his family and going to the river. When asked why he loves working at HOGBOX, Fredi said, "It is a great group of people, and I enjoy the company."

Hector Vizueth

Plant Manager

Hector Vizueth has been with HOGBOX for 21 years and currently is the Plant Manager at Hogeye Pallet Company. He is a detail-oriented, level headed people person who makes for a great boss. Hector is always fixing things and working on his '72 Chevy, in his free time enjoys spending time with his 3 kids and caring for his "small farm". When asked why he loves working at HOGBOX Hector said, "I like everything about working at HOGBOX!"

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